Values Education, 2nd Edition Grade 7 (Values Ed)

Values Education, 2nd Edition Grade 7 (Values Ed)

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Editor-Author: Nenita I. de Vega

Authors: Imelda dela Cruz; Sofia Aurora, EdD

Copyright year: 2021

Values Education 7-10, 2nd Edition adheres to the competencies set by DepEd’s K to 12 curriculum. It is designed to guide and mold the students into becoming critical thinkers and proactive members of society.

This series aims to develop the student’s morality through understanding, reflection, decision-making, and action.

  • Each grade level is anchored on themes that focus on personal development, family and society, as well as responsible citizenship and spirituality
  • Lessons are supplemented by learning outcomes, definition of virtues and values, stories, biographies, personal insights, activities, and case studies.
  • Deep understanding of the lessons is ensured through the use of the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework.