Science in Our World Grade 5 (Science)

Science in Our World Grade 5 (Science)

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Editor: L. M. Rabago, PhD; Authors: N. M. Abracia, EdD, A. Franco, EdD, G. Joaban, G. Ramos, E. A. Lopez, H. A. Arradaza, R. S. Paunan, E. T. Sarte, EdD, E.R. Garcia, E. Lopez, P. de Asis et al.

Copyright Year: 2019 

Science in Our World K to 6 (Revised Edition) is a series aligned with the latest 2016 version of the science K to 12 curriculum espoused by the Department of Education. The series follows a spiral progression of key concepts: matter, people, animals and plants, energy and force, and earth and space. The books in the series present a complete, coherent, and realistic science program designed to help pupils learn basic science concepts and acquire scientific skills, habits, and attitudes needed to cope with society’s ever changing environment. Particularly noteworthy is the series’ use of the inquiry approach, as well as its progressive development of higher-order thinking skills.

  • Supports Understanding by Design (UbD) framework and cooperative learning  
  • Motivates learners to seek and learn new concepts that are directly or indirectly applicable to real-life situations
  • Develops higher-order thinking skills through sets of exercises that are arranged in increasing levels of difficulty
  • Integrates values and highlights environmental awareness
  • Concretizes key words and ideas at the end of each chapter