Rainbows in English Grade 2 (English)

Rainbows in English Grade 2 (English)

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Editor: P. S Peña; Authors: E. B. Angeles, P. Peña, P. Giron, EdD, Sr. Bernadette Racadio, SPC, PhD

Language Editor: V. L Carbonell

Copyright Year: 2019 

This series integrates the five substrands of the language and literacy domains: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing. While each feature of the book addresses the development of the various skills and competencies in all the language domains and strands, these expectations are crystallized by the communicative tasks and activities which the learners engage in. The learner-centered encounters are comprehensive and balanced, taking into account the learner’s multiple intelligences through appropriate pedagogical strategies such as differentiated instruction.

  • Addresses the development of the language arts and literary, study, and research skills for lifelong learners
  • Provides learner-centered communicative encounters for different abilities through task-based, cooperative learning, and HOTS-oriented techniques, as well as authentic and alternative assessments.
  • Subscribes to the philosophy of the Interdisciplinary Approach which integrates the language arts with the other areas of discipline in the curriculum.
  • Employs formal and informal forms of assessment to screen and monitor progress and other performance assessment strategies ensuring evidence of “of-the-moment learning.”
  • 99Reaches and challenges all types of learners through the regular instructional intervention and technology-driven enrichment activities.