Philippine Cartography 3rd ed.

Philippine Cartography 3rd ed.

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by Carlos Quirino
edited by Leovino Ma. Garcia

In this landmark history of Philippine maps and their cartographers, National Artist for Historical Literature Carlos Quirino recounts how the concept of the Philippines emerged in the late sixteenth century as a nebulous speck in the vast Pacific Ocean and evolved in fits and starts over four centuries into its current iconography. The Philippines as a geographical and ideological concept is given form by a long line of cartographers from diverse cultures and times, among them Gerardus Mercator, Sebastian Münster, Robert Dudley, Pedro Murillo Velarde, and homegrown José Algué.

Quirino writes a history full of heroics and everyday routine, of personal and national rivalries, of influential mistakes and brilliant insights. This third edition of Philippine Cartography is illustrated with more than 120 maps from the finest collections in the Philippines. It contains a comprehensive bibliography of Philippine maps and a fresh and authoritative introduction by map collector and scholar Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia. With its erudite text and unparalleled reproductions of rare maps and views, the book will delight everyone with an interest in antiquities, history, geography, and maps as instruments of power and vessels of beauty.


Today it remains the lone comprehensive work on Philippine maps and their history... The third edition of Philippine Cartography is a long-awaited reissue of an eminent work.

—Rudolf J..H. Lietz, Royal Geographical Society


This book is a brilliantly illustrated analysis of the slow process by which the Philippine Islands were first incorporated in the world map.

—Paul Wheatley, geographer


© 2010
264 pages