Our World of Math Grade 5 (Math)

Our World of Math Grade 5 (Math)

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Author-Editors: A. L. Padua, R. M. Crisostomo; Authors; L. O. Bay, L. B. Mercado, A. L. Geraldez, R. S. Quiming, J. A. Novio, G. Yn

Copyright Year: 2018

Our World of Math, Second Edition is aligned to the 2016 version of the K to 12 curriculum being implemented by the Department of Education. It organizes the key math concepts into five domains: number sense, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics in spiral progression. Particularly noteworthy is its use of the inquiry-based approach, as well as its progressive development of higher-order thinking skills.

  • Follows logically sequenced stages of learning through a conceptual process of solving routine and non-routine problems
  • Motivates learners to seek and learn new math concepts that are directly or indirectly applicable to real-life situations
  • Develops higher-order thinking skills through sets of exercises that are arranged in increasing levels of difficulty
  • Employs the block model approach to help learners solve situational problems using concrete and practical perspectives
  • The accompanying Teacher’s Manuals are organized with the three stages of UbD design in mind, namely, identifying desired outcomes, products, and performances; assessment with rubrics that identify the criteria and performance indicators; and learner-centered and activity-laden instructional plans.