HTML, CSS3, Javascript (High School) (ICT)

HTML, CSS3, Javascript (High School) (ICT)

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Author: Mapua Information Technology Center

The Mapua Computer Series produces 21st-century learners that possess information, media, and technology skills, learning and innovation skills, effective communication skills, and life and career skills.

This series is designed to further advance the knowledge of students in the field of technology through comprehensive training in using computers.

This set of textbooks covers the following:

Office Productivity. Teaches the basic skills to be able to fulfill daily requirements in the delivery of projects

Desktop Publishing. Helps students harness their creativity while producing materials to drive an idea, product, event, or make simple announcements to the public

HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript. Introduces the world of programming websites. This program uses different programming languages to create simple web pages.

Introduction to Programming. Captures the methodology used to start programming simple applications