Vibal Foundation, Inc.

Fine Philippine books for the mind and the eye.

Founded in 2007, our philanthropic arm, Vibal Foundation was envisioned to enrich Filipinos’ knowledge and appreciation of Philippine history, culture, and arts through beautiful and insightful books and open digital resources. 

Complete with lavish illustrations, our trade books are products of in-depth research by distinguished writers and experts who are passionate about Filipino culture and heritage. These books also feature information, collections of narratives, and never-before-seen artworks.

Through the years, we have introduced these trade book series to the public.

Fifty Shades of Philippine Art 

This series of affordable and concisely written art books explores the lives and works of major Philippine artists, whether fine, modern, or folk.

Arte Filipino

Pairing innovative scholarship with brilliantly reproduced visuals, these artbooks aim to promote the Philippine artistic history and culture and bring art into broader public view. 


This series consists of books voyaging into uncharted territories and intriguing topics that often elude academic discussions.

Filipiniana Clasica 

Upholding the continuity of the FIlipino reading canon, the FIlipiniana Clasica series keeps culturally and educationally significant books continuously in print with lavishly illustrated and expanded new editions.

Academica Filipina+ 

Academica Filipina pushes the boundaries of scholarly works exploring the Philippine past, present, and future.

Colección Iberoasia  

This is another VFI series that tackles historical and cultural issues that connected Spain and America with Asia and the Pacific.

Parnaso Filipino

Parnaso Filipino presents intricately written biographies showcasing the prose and poetry of world-class authors.

Lex Academica 

This series takes on Philippine law, examining the legal rights and obligations of the modern Filipino through scholarly discussions.

Referencia Moderna 

This series aims to deliver informative and enjoyable books on Philippine culture. There are seven books in the series that centers on flora, fauna, food, games, folklore, pre colonial Philippines, and Philippine geography.

FilNet Art 

FilNet Art highlights the most comprehensive collection of Filipiniana visual art, culture, and history. These are taken from various documents, maps, paintings, illustrations, and other important cultural artifacts gathered from

General Art Books

These academic textbook references are pillared with rich context to help readers explore the realm of art: its elements, its value, and its role in society.

Komiks Klasik

Classic stories that riveted Filipinos in decades past are brought to light, allowing today’s generation to engage anew with this rich art form.

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