Basic and Higher Education Textbooks

Vibal Group has long been committed to providing quality educational solutions as a publisher of textbooks in the Philippines. Our textbook offerings span from every important stage in the learner’s developing years. From  early childhood, preschool, basic, senior high school, and higher education, these textbooks are designed as powerful instructional tools for learning how to learn, learning retention and practical life application.

With each textbook following the Understanding By Design (UbD) framework, supplemented by Vibal’s expanded and improved Teacher’s Manuals and Resource Materials, all instructional plans also highlight student-centered learning activities that demand practical, real-world application. These plans are also complemented by strategies for developing higher-order skills. Through these learning materials, the student’s development becomes holistic as they also acquire skills and attitudes they need for lifelong learning.


Early Childhood Textbooks

Our early childhood learning materials and activities promise to be engaging, creative, fun and challenging for every preschooler. It is during this crucial period when they need to be immersed in meaningful learning experiences that will help them develop holistically.

Grades 1 to 10 Textbooks

Incorporating technology with learner-centered activities and best practices that are attuned with 21st-century teaching and learning strategies, Vibal’s K-10 textbooks do not only adhere, but also go beyond the standards and provisions set by the Department of Education. 

Senior High School Textbooks

Vibal’s Senior High School textbooks focus on eight learning areas, namely language, humanities, communication, mathematics, philosophy, science, social science, and physical education and health. A total of 31 subjects, made up of 15 core subjects and 16 contextualized and specialization subjects respectively, have been harmonized with the new general education (GE) curriculum of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Higher Education Textbooks

Our selection of Higher Education textbooks are authored by experts in their respective fields, and follow the Commission on Higher Education’s revised General Education Curriculum (GEC); these are also at par with national and international standards. Each lesson is designed with an interdisciplinary approach, and features hallmarks that are specific to the design of these textbooks.

Supplementary Materials

Aside from our textbook offerings, Vibal has also come up with supplementary reading materials (SRM) such as:

Student’s Digest (SD) Magazine, an aid to both teachers and students in kinder, elementary, until junior high school students. This magazine serves as an alternative source of current and historical issues and topics aligned to the K-12 curriculum, which aren’t found in textbooks. 

Self-Learning Modules (SLM) are designed to give students the best self-paced learning experience for students in elementary, high school and senior high school. These are aligned with the DepEd’s MELCs (Most Essential Learning Competencies) initiative, and are available for Math, English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, and Science; and core courses for Senior High School.

Academic Books Q1-Q4 If you’re looking for work texts that you can use learning at home and even offline, then this is for you. Academic Books is a series of compiled and sequenced lessons in Math, Science, English, Araling Panlipunan, and Filipino. These are designed to ensure that parents, guardians, and teachers alike can pick and choose the pace of their students' learning.

Smart Wizard is a series of supplementary activity and work books that are aligned with the DepEd’s K-12 curriculum, and  MELCs (Most Essential Learning Competencies). 

All of these titles, and more are now available at the Vibal Shop. Be sure to check us out soon so you won’t miss out! 🙂