The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Rizal's Life and Works

The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Rizal's Life and Works

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Paul Arvisu Dumol, Ph,D. 
Clement C. Camposano , Ph.D.

The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Jose Rizal’s Life and Works © 2018 is not another attempt at a reverential reading of Rizal’s life and works. Although written primarily with Filipino students and teachers in mind, this is an attempt at situating Rizal in the nineteenth century colonial context in the hope that this would allow readers to encounter Filipino nationalism as an artifact of the historical process. This detailed and interrogatory reading of Rizal explores how such a complex figure emerged from the fundamental changes defining the Philippines, Spain, and Europe in the nineteenth century, even as Rizal himself would play a key role in shaping the events of that period—and beyond. In the end, it is hoped that this book would help readers develop a deep appreciation of Filipino nationhood, not as a historical and cultural given with primordial roots, but as a work in progress, a political inheritance which the Filipino readers must continue to mold as they confront present-day challenges.

To help students and teachers along, each of the chapters of this book features a time line of key events, a main text, marginal notes, and end-of-chapter activities/questions designed to enrich classroom instruction and interaction. Detailed discussion of defining events in Rizal’s life and key literary, political, and scholarly works, as well as the intellectual and cultural currents that shaped them, are the focus of the chapters.

About the authors

Paul Arvisu Dumol is Full Professor of the Humanities at the University of Asia and the Pacific, Pasig City. He holds a PhD in Medieval Studies with specialization in Philosophy (1994) from the University of Toronto, Canada. He has an MA in Philosophy from the Liberal Arts Program (1978) of the University of Navarre. He graduated summa cum laude from the Ateneo de Manila in 1973 with an AB in Communication Arts. He received the Gawad Rizal from the National Historical Commission in 2012. He is also a multi-awarded playwright who writes in Tagalog; two of his plays are on Jose Rizal—Texto at Comentario and Ilustrado. The latter is a musical with music by Ryan Cayabyab. 

Clement C. Camposano earned his PhD in Philippine Studies (Anthropology) from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2009. He holds an MA in Political Science from the same university (1992), and a BA in Political Science and History from UP Visayas (1986). Dr. Camposano is a faculty member at the College of Education, UP Diliman where he teaches courses in the
anthropology and sociology of education. Prior to joining UP, he was a faculty member at the University of Asia and the Pacific where he taught courses in Philippine history and culture, social science research, and politics. He has published ethnographic articles on migration in scholarly journals and recently contributed a chapter to an international volume on food and migration. Dr. Camposano served on the board of the Anthropological Association of the Philippines (UGAT) until 2016 and is the current President of the Philippine Studies Association (PSA).