Peripatetic: Practical Lessons on Leadership

Peripatetic: Practical Lessons on Leadership

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Peripatetic: Practical Lessons on Leadership
Authored by: Dr. Ronnie V. Amorado

Peripatetic joins the journey in the search for principled leadership—those combined attributes that form a value-laden brand of leadership, that possesses what is good, ethical, qualified, effective and efficient. Principled leadership draws the line in the sand. It is a statement against kakistocratic leadership—those combined elements that create an incompetent, manipulative, unprincipled and unethical leadership.

The book contains fresh and practical lessons from the field and various organizational workplace environments. Many of these lessons, while practical in intent, are presented as satirical to drive home the point. The lessons are not aimed to be absolute; they need to be nuanced and appreciated in specific contexts. They are borne out of personal experiences as well as discernible learnings from eminent persons and experts. It combines many years of research gleaned from experience and analysis of various philosophies, patterns, practices and principles in leadership exercise.

Peripatetic aims to trigger critical thinking and deeper analysis, resulting in generating more leadership lessons demanded in the modern times.


Ronnie V. Amorado shares his ruminations on how leaders can stay close to the principled path of leadership through attention to character and thoughtful action. I can only hope that his vision and message can gain traction in our country. We so badly need upright leadership as we build up our country to be the worthy nation it has always meant to be.
—Dr. Benito L. Teehankee, De La Salle University

Ronnie V. Amorado is not your commonplace academic who toys with celestial concepts disconnected from the intricacies of mundane living. His new book is his modest contribution in our collective yearning for the resurgence of authentic leaders. The book is not purely theoretical. It is the work of a practitioner.
—Dr. Franz Giuseppe F. Cortez, University of Santo Tomas


Ronnie V. Amorado makes a strong case in favor of a leadership style that emphasizes the social contract between the leader and the governed, the imperative of using a moral compass, and the practical skills in handling administrative pitfalls. The book is a product of the author’s research and social involvement on top of a fi rm academic base. This is a bookby an author who has walked the talk.
—Atty. Nicolas B. Pichay, Senate of the Philippines



Dr. Ronnie V. Amorado is a passionate researcher and prolific littérateur, an award-winning book author, and an unconventional academic in various capacities as a professor, researcher, director and academic vice president. He is a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow in the United States, where he did his
postdoctorate research at the Maxwell School of Citizenship in Syracuse University, New York. He authored and co-authored several books on leadership and citizenship (Kakistocracy and Peripatetic); corruption and anticorruption (Ehem, Aha, and Fixing Society); research techniques (Literati and Practical Qualitative Research); and biographical research (One Man’s Vision and Lord Anthony). His book, Fixing Society, was awarded the Outstanding Book Award in 2008 by the National Academy of Science & Technology. He also received the World Distinguished Book Author, Outstanding World Researcher and Outstanding World Research Advocate awards in 2013 from the
International Association of Multidisciplinary Research. In 2015, he was awarded the Best Asian Book for Teaching Research by the Asian Society of Teachers of Research. His latest book, Peripatetic: Practical Lessons on Leadership, is an ardent authorial endeavor of life depiction and social commentary.