Vibal SHS and Higher Ed GEC textbooks are now available at Vibal Shop

With all the challenges that come with distance learning, quality resource materials have become more important now more than ever. To better equip students and educators with resource materials they can easily access, Vibal SHS and Higher Ed GEC textbooks can now be bought online through the Vibal Shop.

Vibal Senior High School Textbooks

The senior high school (SHS) core curriculum focuses on eight learning areas: language, humanities, communication, mathematics, philosophy, science, social science, physical education, and health. 

With various titles in the different SHS tracks: Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood, Sports, and Arts and Design, Vibal SHS textbooks prides itself on high-quality content that meets the demands of 21st-century teaching and learning. Authored by specialists in the discipline, each textbook is carefully designed based on sound philosophical and research-based pedagogical approaches and best practices with one-to-one correlation of the text to the content and performance standards set by DepEd.

Vibal Higher Ed GEC Textbooks

Penned by distinguished authors with exceptional credentials, each textbook is carefully designed to match both national and international standards through the comprehensive coverage of relevant theories and applications, while at the same time adhering to the standards and curricula provided by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Each textbook is enriched with notes, exercises, and marginalia that aid holistic learning and infuse joy in learning. The books are also extended with supplementary materials available online.

Check out all the available SHS and Higher Ed titles both print and e-book editions by clicking here.
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