Learn-at-home gets easy with Happy Homeschool program

Vibal continues its innovative response to education under the "new now" with Happy Homeschool—a K-10 homeschool program for independent homeschooling parents and learners. 

Independent homeschoolers are not required to get accreditation as homeschool providers. In this setup, parents are responsible for producing grade books, report cards, and transcripts of records for their child. They are also responsible for processing the requirements for their child to take the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) if they want their child to re-enter the formal education system aligned with their child's grade level.

Parents of independent homeschoolers have more flexibility in customizing their child's curriculum and learning journey. They don't need to follow a formal school's curriculum or learning modality. They can hire learning service or tutorial service providers like Vibal as needed to supplement homeschool teaching and learning.

For first-time homeschoolers and their parents, homeschooling may be extremely daunting, given the time and resources needed for parents to put together a good curriculum for their child, find the right educational resources, design assessments, and—most importantly—teach in the right way. 

Vibal however, will be there every step of the way for Happy Homeschoolers. The program is designed to provide independent homeschoolers and their parents with the support system and infrastructure of a school while retaining the flexibility for parents and learners to customize their learning journey through interest-led activities.

Happy Homeschool is designed for learners whose parents have decided to defer formal schooling during SY 2020-2021, and learners who may have enrolled in a formal school but would like to supplement their existing learning program.

Happy Homeschool's curriculum combines DepEd's K-12 curriculum (as aligned to the Most Essential Learning Competencies) and interest-driven learning. Throughout the entire school year, learners will attend online classes taught by Vibal faculty, take offline modular self-paced courses, and will join non-academic programs and special courses based on their interest and learning journey.

These include the major academic subjects (English, Mathematics, Filipino, Science, and Araling Panlipunan), as well as special courses/ elective subjects covering ICT, Writing and Communication, TLE, MAPEH, and others, which will be conducted outside the regular class schedule. 

Classes will start on August 31, 2020 and will end in May 2021. Happy Homeschool will cover the full four terms of the academic school year 2020-2021. Academic classes will be conducted from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 12NN. Interest-led activities are scheduled from 1PM to 2PM or 3PM (depending on the facilitator or your child's grade level). Special courses are scheduled from 2PM onwards.

Classes composed of 15 to 20 students will be taught synchronously and/or asynchronously by licensed professional teachers using VSmart School, Vibal’s online school platform. Happy Homeschool implements a mixed ODL (online distance learning) and MDL (modular distance learning) learning modality.

For more information, visit https://www.happyhomeschool.ph/

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