Launch of Parent-Teacher Collaboration Webinar Series

Vibal's weekly YouTube webinar series is themed around the importance of establishing effective parent-teacher relationships while children remain home-bound due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To attend the webinars, please subscribe to our YouTube page at 

To register, please input your details per day: 

June 15 (FORM 1):

June 15 (FORM 2):

June 16 (FORM 1):
June 16 (FORM 2):

June 17 (FORM 1):
June 17 (FORM 2):

June 18 (FORM 1):
June 18 (FORM 2):

June 19 (FORM 1):
June 19 (FORM 2):

To keep updated on Vibal's webinars, please follow us on Facebook at and subscribe to our YouTube channel at 



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