How are Vibal Books Made?

What if all of a sudden, you wake up in a world that is run by textbooks? Don’t look now, but the Vibal textbooks are taking over the universe, in what is dubbed to be the first ever biblio-affairs program (in the universe!), Bros.

This 14-minute mockumentary produced by Vibal Studios takes a satirical look at the production and importance of textbooks as providers of knowledge, skills, and significant learnings to all students. It also features an offbeat but lovable cast of talking textbook characters, all starring in a series of Pinoy TV-inspired parodies.  Each textbook appears in television programs and advertisements, such as “Balitang Bros.” “Faith News,” “Lusog Bro,” “Bro’s Basics of Better Living,” and “Good at Heart, Good in Mind.”


By Richard Lyle Diño

Updated June 29, 2023
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